Saturday Seminar


Saturday Seminar


Mental Management Seminar: Saturday, May 14, 2016 9am-5pm
Location: Hopkins High School
2400 Lindbergh Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305

Learn the core principles of Lanny Bassham's Mental Management® System; lecture format without dogs; 9am-5pm.

Saturday's Mental Management® Seminar will be an interactive discussion format without dogs. You will also receive Lanny Bassham's book: “With Winning in Mind", and a high quality Performance Journal to track your training progress (a $25 value). This seminar is ideal for anyone competing in any dog performance sport including agility, nose work, obedience, and conformation; and you will even see it benefiting other aspects of your life!

Saturday's Workshop Details:

  • What Olympic champions know that you may not
  • A model to understand the elements of performance
  • An understanding of how we create pressure and how we can use this pressure to our advantage
  • The proven Mental Management® System™ to focus and mentally perform under pressure to the best of our abilities
  • Understanding expectations
  • Learn an effective method for setting goals – “Backwards from Perfect”
  • Learn how and why to track your training performance
  • Learn how to become a more effective, efficient and successful competitor and have fun doing it!

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