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Mental Management® Seminar: Teah and Chuck Anders

This seminar is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their performance in any dog sport events, from the beginner to the elite!

How important is the mental game
in dog training and competition?

For the past 30 years Lanny Bassham, an Olympic gold medalist, has been teaching mental strategies to perform under pressure to Olympic teams in over twenty countries, PGA tour golfers, the Secret Service, FBI and yes dog sport competitors.  Teah and Chuck Anders have been working with Lanny and became two of the first Certified Instructors in the country to teach these proven techniques. Teah Anders is ONE of ONLY 3 Level III Mental Management trainers in the country.

Entry fees for all kinds of sports are expensive. No matter what sport you pursue, wouldn't you love to elevate your Q rate? If you do agility, how about maximizing your Q rate so you can get to that Mach faster, and help prevent dog injuries due to over trialing. If you compete in Nose Work and sweating getting into those trials, how about maximizing your abilities so you don't have to do so many trials to get to that coveted elite title. 

Why do 5% of competitors do 95% of the winning?

Imagine looking forward to competitions knowing that you have the tools to mentally perform at your best on demand. This knowledge and skill will also enrich many other areas of your life giving you an understanding of how to deal with pressure and reduce anxiety.

What do they know that you don’t?

Please join us to learn the proven Mental Management® System™ to focus and mentally perform under pressure.  The Saturday Seminar will be a presentation from 9am-5pm with an interactive discussion format without dogs. And on Sunday, there will be two Nose Work Working Sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The morning session will be for participants who have attended the Saturday Seminar and will apply the Mental Management System for 8 handler and dog teams. While the afternoon will be more of a general coaching session for 10 handler and dog teams. The format of either session may change if there is a much higher demand for one vs. the other style of session.

Stop stressing and enjoy your sport
with your K9 partner more. Be the best you can be
so your K9 partner can be their best.

Amy Herot, cofounder of K9 Nose Work® and the NACSW™ endorsed Mental Management in her recent seminars
Dana Crevling, director of the nationally renowned K9 Nose Work Training Camps, and first K9NW competitor to achieve NW3 Elite in just three trials, is an advocate of Mental Management
Penny Scott-Fox, a K9 Nose Work Founding Instructor and NACSW Senior Faculty, used the Mental Management system to achieve a 1st place finish over three days of searching in the 2015 NACSW K9NW National Invitational

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Please choose from the following registration options:
Registration DEADLINE: May 9, 2016
(simply click on each title to learn more about that option)

Learn the core principles of Lanny Bassham's Mental Management® System; lecture format without dogs; 9am-5pm.

Saturday's lunch must be pre-paid with your registration. You may also bring your own lunch.

Sunday Working Spots are SOLD OUT! A WAIT LIST for the working spots will be maintained for any last minute cancellations. You will need to be signed up for the Saturday seminar in order to be on the wait list, please use the contact form to let us know you would like to be on the working spot wait list for Sunday.

AUDITING is also a great option to absorb all the information from the presenter without having to worry about your dog. It allows you to focus completely on the presentation and be able to watch BOTH dog and handler in a search. Auditing is a good option for those wanting to get a more indepth introduction to the world of nose work! Both Sunday sessions will be geared to the Mental Management System that was presented on Saturday. Morning and afternoon sessions will have different set of teams and so Teah may be highlighting different concepts in each session. Please pick the morning or afternoon session or both ;-)

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations made by 7pm central time on May 1, 2016 will receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee. All cancellations made after 7pm central time on May 1, 2016 will receive a full refund minus a $35 processing fee.

About Teah & Chuck Anders

TEAH ANDERS founded Gentle Touch Pet Training in 1999 and has enjoyed teaching thousands of people how to live happier lives with their canine companions.  Through training, mutual communication and respect, it is amazing the bond and joy you can foster with your dog.  In 2008, Teah published a comprehensive dog training book entitled, “Click ‘n Connect: Training Your Dog a Lifelong Journey.”

Teah combines knowledge that she’s gained as a Certified Mental Management Instructor, a Certified Nose Work Instructor and frequent NACSW™ trial host to open up new possibilities for success in competition and life. “Once the handler is performing at their optimum level, under pressure consistently, it’s amazing how the dog responds – especially in competition. Many dog sport enthusiasts realize if they can just get out of their dog’s way, the dog will shine!  I’m excited to help handlers learn more about the mental game as it applies to K9 Nose Work® and other dog sports”  

Teah is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and a long-time member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She is a Certified Nose Work Instructor through the National Association of K9 Scent Work™. Teah has also earned a CAP2 (Competency Assessment Program – Level 2) certification through Kay Laurence’s Learning About Dogs organization in the UK. She has been a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator through the American Kennel Club since 2004. Teah and Hally, her Pug, certified through Therapy Dogs International, had many years of fun cheering folks up during visits to elderly care facilities and children’s events. Teah holds a B.S. degree in business and an M.A. degree in Natural Resources Policy, Communications and Management.

In addition to teaching classes in her favorite dog sport K9 Nose Work since 2009, Teah has developed and teaches puppy, elementary, intermediate and Feisty Fido’s (for aggressive dogs) dog training classes at her facility. In addition, Teah does private in-home training and behavioral consultations.

In her free time, Teah enjoys competing in several dog sports including K9 Nose Work, where she is currently working with her English Cocker, Shamie, in NW3 and getting ready to start her Pug, Serendipity, in NW1 competitions.  Teah also enjoys Musical Canine Freestyle and Conformation. She lives in Arroyo Grande, CA, with her husband, Chuck, six dogs and 2 llamas.

CHUCK ANDERS, founder and president of Strategic Initiatives, has over twenty-five years experience helping individuals and organizations achieve their dreams. He is a Certified Mental Management Instructor and works with both athletes and business organizations.  “I am so excited to bring the proven Mental Management techniques to business and organizations.  These tools are as powerful in the Board Room as they are on the playing field.” 

In 1996, Chuck founded Strategic Initiatives where he has worked extensively with public and private organizations, project teams, citizen advisory groups, and the general public to understand and resolve a wide range of contentious issues.  He specializes in using interactive technology and other web-based tools to establish clear goals and enhance communications and understanding among groups and participants.

Chuck is a licensed professional engineer and lives on the Central Coast of California.  Prior to founding Strategic Initiatives, he worked as a principal consultant with an international consulting firm, served as Assistant Director of the Arizona Department of Transportation and Director of the Arizona Division of Environmental Health Services (State EPA) among other positions.


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