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Element Specialty Interiors Wait List

  1. Wanda Smith, and Remy
  2. Cris Lewis, and ABY
  3. Joy Schneider, and Bailie
  4. Kristin Elmquist, and Lole
  5. Cris Lewis, and RICKY
  6. Linda Dawson, and Zelli
  7. Steve Johnson, and Storm
  8. Nicole Wheatley, and Richter
  9. Kathy Mackai, and Magic
  10. Denise Reuter, and Sasha
  11. Sandy Thompson, and Echo
  12. Diana Pesek, and Grace
  13. Barb Kelm, and Bounce
  14. Karen Rylander, and Shakespeare
  15. Catherine Hoese, and Louie
  16. Heidi Thorson, and Chewie
  17. andrea gilson, and Gertie
  18. Kate Taylor, and Bran
  19. Cindy Nelson, and Greta
  20. Kristin Savoie, and Rudie
  21. Heidi Thorson, and Gromit
  22. Kristin Savoie, and Marcy
  23. Dotty Schultz, and Zip
  24. Jen Jaeger, and Emmitt
  25. Johnnette Ulch, and Rufus
  26. Jo Anne Bucholz, and Ruairi
  27. Joy Schneider, and Emma
  28. Cris Lewis, and LEGACY
  29. Debra Larson, and Murphy
  30. Jamie Halverson, and Yogi
  31. Cathy Ricker, and Annie
  32. Linda Tufvesson, and Finley
  33. Cheryl Bracht, and Ruben
  34. Sarah Falk, and Manny
  35. Linda Dawson, and Remy
  36. JoAnne Schwietz, and Hooker
  37. Susan Yochim, and Noche'
  38. Mary Tran, and Debby
  39. Kristin Elmquist, and Sriracha
  40. Pat Weber, and Isis
  41. Janice Friend, and Parker
  42. Tanya Delikowski, and Finn
  43. Linda Tufvesson, and Hartley
  44. Cris Lewis, and TROOPER
  45. Laura Breckheimer, and Tommie
  46. Laura Breckheimer, and REO
  47. Laura Breckheimer, and Zak
  48. Jeff Nordquist, and Sadie


  1. Mary Tran, and Party-Boy
  2. Cris Lewis, and CONNY