Large Travel Kit


Large Travel Kit

from 34.95

Kit Contains:
Flat Air-Tight Case
3 to 4 Glass Travel Vials
1 Clear Top Smiley™ Tin
2 Smiley Mini Tins™
3 Magnets
4 Flexible Tubes (colors may vary)
2 Small Plastic See-thru Disc
1 Medium Plastic Smiley See-thru Disc
3 Lip Balm Tubes

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Please note: The Clear Top Smiley Tin is replacing the Screw Top Smiley Tin which is pictured in the photo. And the NACSW & SDDA kits will contain 3 glass vials, while the AKC kit will contain 4 glass vials.

This large travel scent kit starts with the flat air-tight case allows you to experiment with a wide variety of container hides. The three easily identified glass vials store between 6 to 12 scented cotton swabs depending on their size.  Simply load up your containers with your scented cotton swabs once you get to your location and off you go on your nose work adventures! The clear air-tight case keeps the target odors contained while you travel about.

The Clear Air-tight Case also allows you to see what is inside without having to open the case. The case is made of high-impact ABS and utilizes stainless steel pins for it's hinges; and it is made in the U.S.A. It has been tested to a water depth rating of 80ft. for 30 minutes with a temperature range of -30F to 175F, which makes it relatively air-tight. And, there is also an optional 8" lanyard available for this case.