Here’s what people are saying about the Mental Management® seminar:


Robin & Cody: I thought that you, Chuck, and Lanny might enjoy hearing this.  Last weekend, Cody and I had our first USDAA Agility Trial.  I was very nervous before the Trial. But every time I got butterflies, I worked the MM Program.

Happy to say, we had a CLEAN SWEEP!!!!!!
8 runs, 8 Q's, 8 Blue's. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

So thankful to you and Chuck for teaching the Mental MGT. Program, So grateful to Lanny Basham for creating this amazing system.

Multiple Disciplines

Penny Scott-Fox (posted on Facebook 5-26-15) 1st Place at NACSW 2015 Nationals! Still on Cloud 9 with Turner winning the NACSW National Invitational. Special thanks to my students who decorated my facility and held so many parties - what a week!  However, I want to also give a shout out to Chuck and Teah Anders for their Mental Management Program - if you haven't done it; you should. It helped me immensely at Nationals and in all the other competitions that I do. The program teaches you to focus on the task instead of worrying about the competition, spectators, what people may think of you as a handler, etc.  It is extremely powerful in so many ways. Thank you!

Julianne Craig: Having attended this seminar last weekend, I can honestly say it is the most meaningful weekend I have spent learning how to, more confidently, perform under pressure, whether it is in the arena of dog events or in the business world. This seminar, given by Teah and Chuck Anders, gave me an understanding of specific strategies to use for overcoming some personal obstacles I have continually experienced when practicing and competing with my dog in nose work, agility and obedience. The practical applications to the precepts, which undergird the system, set this program above others I have experienced. Kudos to Teah and Chuck!!!

Michelle D: I highly recommend The Mental Management seminar. The process I created for myself following the seminar and study made a significant impact on my competition state of mind both proceeding and during Trials. I'd recommend it for anyone who would like to improve their competitive ability and reduce their day-of stress levels.

Jean Mitchell: I attended the Mental Management seminar presented by Chuck and Teah Anders and it has had a huge impact on my attitude in competition dog sports. The one thing I really took away from the seminar was not to dwell on failure. If a competition went well every thing was fine. But if it didn’t go well, whether it was my fault or not, I had trouble getting past it. I have learned if it doesn’t go the way we wanted, visualize it with the outcome we wanted and let it go.
I feel more relaxed each time I compete or practice and am passing that confidence on to my dogs. It has helped me to set up a successful training program. I would definitely recommend the seminar to anyone as it not only will help with your competition life but will cross over into your every day life as well.

K9 NOse WOrk®

Cathy Allen: Not long before my dog's first NW2 trial, I attended a one-day Mental Management seminar put on by Teah and Chuck Anders.  I am extremely nervous at trials and classes, not competitive, and don't have a great self-image.  I couldn't quite imagine myself doing what they were suggesting.  However, I spent the entire week before the trial working on their system.  I played out positive searches in my mind (and talked with my dog about them), I let go of all the "what if...." negative thoughts and I breathed.  At the trial I focused only on each search (not on the outcome or winning).  I could feel the Mental Management techniques beginning to change me.  Before I even realized what was happening, we had titled at our first NW2 competition!  Thank you Teah and Chuck for the part you played.  I am inspired and will continue working on your Mental Management system.

Hilary Cowart & Branwen: I took the Mental Management class from you at Scott-Fox Training. I wanted to let you know that my dog, Branwen, and I titled at the Santa Paula NW2, our first NW2 trial. We also came in first in Interiors and Exteriors, and first over all. I wrote my goals down and we achieved all except one. Branwen has developed a fear of certain types of flooring, which was exhibited in the Interior search. We worked through it and that was one of the Pronounced that we received, and, as I mentioned, a First Place in time.  Also another big issue for me is sleep the night before anything like this. I was able to get a good night's sleep! So, a big thanks you to you and your husband for your contribution to our success today.

Robin Strecker: There’s an old saying that “the proof is in the pudding”. That you can only judge the quality of something after you have put it into action and examined the results.
I attended the Mental Management Seminar 2 months prior to my very first Nose Work Trial with my dog Cody. My dog and I were not a seasoned performance team. Far from it. Our competitive experience amounted to a single 3-day weekend. We were also fairly new to the sport of Nose Work – still discovering how much we really didn’t know with every class. So consequently I was incredibly nervous, my stomach jumping flip-flops every time I even thought about the upcoming Trial.
In the seminar, I learned effective techniques for managing my performance anxiety. During the next 2 months before the trial, I put the mental strategies into action and turned my butterflies into a cue to work the Mental Mgt. program. Even on Trial day, I experienced mishaps that would normally have derailed me for the rest of the day. Again, I worked the program until I got back on track.
My goal for the seminar was to learn how to truly be calm, not simply act calm, to not allow my anxiety to travel down the leash and affect my connection with my dog. All I can say is “the proof is in the pudding”. We earned our NW1 Title and took 3rd place Overall with a 2nd place for Containers in our very first Trial. Also, we were awarded the Pronounced designation on 3 Elements. The Judges commented that we were a “great team, strong and efficient.” But what I liked the most, we were a happy team, relaxed and connected while having a whole lot of FUN playing our favorite game!
I attribute our great results to the quality of the Mental Mgt. program. Not only did I get helpful techniques for managing my performance anxiety, I also learned valuable strategies to effectively plan my training sessions and utilize class time. I am grateful to Teah and Chuck Anders for making this information available and to Lanny Bassham for creating this marvelous system. Thank you so much!