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NW2 Osseo Videos

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Introducing our NEW Premium Video Format!!
The Premium Video Format will have the hide location marked on the video and may have multiple angles of the search. The fish-eye camera distortion will also be corrected. The files will also be smaller in size, so it will take up less room on your hard drive and allow you to download them faster, while maintaining the same great quality as a larger size file. Of course, you will also still be able to order the Standard unedited version of the video.

Click here to see examples of the Standard Format vs. the Premium Format.

See important details below ...

Delivery Method:
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FILES will be provided in a .mov or .mp4 format and they will be compressed in a .zip file. FINE PRINT: Delivery of the videos will be in the order received. Videos will be delivered within 3-7 days from when you place your order, so watch your email.

Videos are a great way to treasure the memories of your time with your dog and the videos can also be a great asset to help analyze areas for improvement. There are often insights that can be attained upon reviewing video that you will not be aware of while you are in the search.

Please Note: Due to camera malfunction, there are no videos of containers :(

INTERIOR VIDEOS: We are now allowed to film interiors with an unmanned camera, both interior rooms were filmed. If one of your searches was not filmed, you will receive a refund to your credit card.

Price is per Element. Not every element is filmed; and not all searches in each element have been filmed dependent on the running order and the schedule for the trial. A refund will be issued if you purchase a video of your search that was not filmed. Video camera positioning is directed and approved by the Certifying Official and the Judge.

Videos can be posted on YouTube ... OR ... your videos can be downloaded to your computer through a 3rd party website called www.wetransfer.com (if you don't receive an email from wetransfer within 72 hours, please check your SPAM folder first before emailing The K9 Nose). YouTube videos can be viewed by friends and family or posted to Facebook, but you will not have the actual file. ... 

IF you choose the download option, video files will ONLY be available to download on the wetransfer website to your computer for 7 DAYS!! So please do not order your video with the download option if you can not download you files within 7 days of ordering!!! You will also need a faster internet connection for the download, since some of the files can each be 1.3 GB in size.

PLEASE CHOOSE the YOUTUBE OPTION - if you are unsure of where your computer stores downloaded files, OR can not read .mov files OR if you have a slower internet provider OR you have an older computer OR your time is limited and you will not be able to download the file within 7 days of purchasing them online.

**Please NOTE** There is an additional $25 charge if you choose one option, then decide you would like the other option for your videos OR if you do not download your files within the 7 day period and your files need to be uploaded a 2nd time.