Volunteer Form

Volunteers are the key to make nose work trials possible. There are many different volunteer positions and every one of them is necessary and important to make our trials run as smoothly as possible. To learn more about each volunteer role, please read the volunteer description page. We will try to provide an opportunity for each volunteer to view a few searches if possible, but we also want to keep the trial moving along and the competitor teams to have the best experience possible. Please keep in mind, that there may be instances where you may not be able to view any searches, and all day volunteers may have more of an opportunity. Please email the Volunteer Coordinators (Heidi Thorson), with any questions.

And THANKS for your willingness to volunteer!

Name *
Please check all sessions that you are available to volunteer. A.M. (denotes the 1st set of elements of the trial, this may extend PAST 12pm) and P.M. (will arrive by 12pm, but may not start until the 1st set of elements are complete.) Please note that volunteering all day really helps with our scheduling :) AND provides the flexibility needed to place you in multiple positions when possible. We also may need a few volunteers to help setup Friday for the trial.
Previous Assignments
Please check all assignments that you have done at a previous trial. This will allows us to expose you to possible new jobs as we balance out our volunteers for each trial day. Refer to the volunteer description page for additional information on each job description.
Please check any of the boxes below if you would be interested in becoming a VC (Volunteer Coordinator), SRL (Score Room Lead) or Trial Host. And we will get in touch with you! These positions involve committing a whole weekend including Friday afternoon for setup and is very rewarding in that you help make a trial weekend possible!!
If you have a canopy available to be used in the trial, please check the appropriate date.
Vehicle Availability
Please mark if you would have a vehicle available to be used for the vehicle search. Please note that the vehicle must not have had any odor on it in the last 6 weeks. There is also a chance that dogs will jump on or paw at the vehicle. We will do our best to prevent this, but please do not volunteer your vehicle if this concerns you as we cannot reimburse you for damages.
What type of vehicle are you volunteering for the trial?